Kristen McLean

President   |   Senior  |   Operations and Information Management

"As VP of Operations and a representative, I have loved giving back to my peers and Leeds. My time on the council has given me the opportunity to enhance the student experience and make a difference. I can't wait for all we have planned this semester! I strive to continue the excellence at the Leeds School of Business through offering opportunities and representing my peers."

"I joined Leeds Council as a sophomore hoping to give back and make a difference here at the Leeds School of Business. After serving as Vice President of Operations for four semesters, I have gained the experience and passion to lead the Council as President. My time on the council has given me the opportunity to not only grow as a leader, but enhance the student experience. I strive to continue the excellence at Leeds School of Business through supporting the Council, my peers and ensuring they are best represented. I am fully committed to the success of the Council in all endeavors including the Fellows Program, closing the gap between the faculty and student relationship as well as growing and supporting the Leeds culture."

alec brudzinski

Vice President of Finance  |   Senior  |   Finance & Entrepreneurship |

"I joined Leeds Council to increase my involvement in the business school and for the opportunity to improve the experience of the students around me. I joined LC my sophomore year and have enjoyed working with other driven students who care about Leeds.I am working towards creating more opportunities for Leeds students to become leaders outside of the classroom. I also hope to introduce initiatives that the students and faculty have asked for in order to fill in the gaps of Leeds' curriculum.

Kate Spikula

Vice President of Marketing  |   Junior |   Marketing & Finance, TAM Certificate   |

"I joined Leeds Council because I am passionate about voicing the concerns of the student body in order to make the Leeds School of Business the best it can be. This will be my fourth semester serving on the council and my second semester serving as VP of Communications. I am looking forward to this coming year and all that we will accomplish. My goals for this term is to increase student feedback and to enhance the Leeds Council and the Leeds School of Business brand through various marketing efforts and events."

"I joined Leeds Council as a way to further my involvement, as well as leadership, within the business school. I aspire to make Leeds Council the link between the student body and faculty, and have the council become the gateway for open communication. As Vice President of Marketing, I want to ensure that the students know who we are and what we do. I hope to make them feel comfortable reaching out to the council with any questions or concerns about the business school that they may have."

lauren raeder

Vice President of Operations |   Sophomore   |   Operations and Information Management   |

"As a fourth generation CU Buff, it is an absolute passion of mine to be actively involved with the University and specifically within the Leeds School of Business. This is the reason I’ve aligned myself with Leeds Council. I have previous academic and professional experience in service, strategic vision, and leadership and am excited to continue my pursuit of these goals as an elected Leeds Council member. As one of 26 students who are tasked to represent the entire Leeds School of Business, it is a priority of mine to contribute a positive, energetic, and representative voice while maintaining an open and inquisitive mind. I strive to bolster my peers’ experiences in the business school and the future of the Leeds School of Business."

nathan mpiana

Vice President of Clubs |   Sophomore   |   Accounting & Finance

"I joined Leeds Council to be able to give back to the Leeds School of Business student community in the best way I could. I hope to I\improve our overall image and resources as a Business School in order to be amongst the best in the country."

kendall rolfe

Co-Vice President of Clubs |   Senior   |   Marketing   |

"I have been highly involved with Leeds since my first year, and want to take every chance I can to give back to the school. I've been on Leeds Council and CUSG, and being a co-senator is a great way to bridge the gap between schools. Plus, my dog loves to table, so I do it for her. I want to work hard to create strong task forces within Leeds Council in order to create the school that students want to be a part of! We're here to represent the students, so I want their voices to be heard."

"I joined Leeds Council in order to get more involved within the business school. I love being surrounded by people that enjoy being involved and want to pursue change, just as much as I do. We as a council have the ability to impact students' experience here at Leeds for the next four years, and that's a really exciting possibility that we as a council work towards. Being apart of the Leeds community as changed my CU experience for the better, and I hope to influence my fellow buffs in the same way. As the Co VP of Clubs, we have begun several initiatives in order for the connection to be stronger between Leeds Council and Leeds Student Organizations. Nathan and I are the liaisons between the council, the clubs and our undergraduate dean, Dr. Al Smith. Our goal is add additional funding to our fellow student organizations in order for them to thrive here at Leeds and gain new member retention. We would love to establish a close bond with the student orgs in order to further help them establish their club here at Leeds."

Brent assayag

CUSG Legislative Council Representative   |   Sophomore   |   Finance |

"I joined the council so that I would be able to make an impact in the Leeds community. My goal is to continue to integrate students into Leeds through professional development workshops and the overall improvement of the school."

joshua ney

CUSG Legislative Council Representative  |   Freshman  |   Management & OPIM   |

"My passion to represent the student body as well as develop myself as a leader has guided me to join the Leeds Council. I hope to promote Leeds making it desirable for prospective students and progressing it for current students. My goal is to echo the ideas of my classmates by serving as the liaison between the student body and the faculty. I will accomplish this through transparency in communication, encouraging the diversity of thought, and my desire to stimulate positive change through hard-work and perseverance."

grant lurie

Sophomore   |   Finance |

"I joined Leeds Council to have a say in the structure and changes in the business school. I want to be a voice for the students. My goal as a Leeds Council member is to foster greater transparency between the school administration and the student body.

Nicole whiteside

Fellows Manager & Admin |   Junior   |   Operations Management & Finance   |

"I joined Leeds Council to become more involved with Leeds and student leadership. Leeds Council has given me the opportunity to act as a voice for my fellow students and work with other incredible, driven people. My goal is to commit to the success of the council and Leeds as a whole. I hope to enrich the council through the work from the Fellows Project."

Natalie poremba

Junior   |    Finance   |

"I joined Leeds Council to become more involved in the business school. My goal is to make Leeds the best it can be and help the students maximize their potential. I aim to achieve this by listening to students needs/desires and presenting their thoughts to the council."

chambers giblin

Junior   |    Finance   |

"I joined the counsel to get involved in the business school and connect with a group of enterprising young men and women. I want to bring back the coffee shop to the Leeds building."

molly wilson

Sophomore |    Finance

"I joined Leeds Council to enhance and better the environment and experience for everyone here in Leeds, as well as gaining more student leadership skills. I want to improve the image of Leeds as a whole and to improve the clubs and organizations that are offered. I am extremely organized and responsible and I care deeply about enhancing students experience here at CU. I will be a leader to my student body by making it a priority of mine to fully work to represent my fellow students to the best of my ability and strive to make Leeds everything students want it to be."

lindsey koch

Sophomore   |    Marketing   |

"I joined the council because I wanted to make a positive impact in the Leeds School of Business. I knew the work that the council was doing was for the greater good of the school. I also really liked the core values that Leeds Council embodied! As a member of Leeds Council I hope to foster the opportunity for every organization in Leeds to reach its full potential. This can be accomplished through efficient planning and organization within the Council!"

taylor wafer

Sophomore   |    Marketing & Finance, TAM Certificate |

"I joined Leeds Council in order to be more involved here at CU and specifically at the Business School. I also joined because I wanted to expand my leadership skills and explore new opportunities. My goal as a member of Leeds Council is to make the Leeds School a closer and more welcoming environment. I hope to enhance relationships between factuality and students and to give students the things they need in order to be successful.

lexi linebarger

Sophomore   |    Marketing, TAM Certificate |

"I joined the council because I wanted to become more involved in the business school and use my voice to not only make a difference at Leeds but the entire University. As a member on Leeds Council, my goal is to increase and strengthen the relationships between students, faculty and administration by providing quality events for the students. Also, I want to increase the presence of Leeds Council in the business school by reaching out to students and helping them in any way possible to be successful."

capri van gilder

Freshman   |    Marketing   |

Capri Van Gilder.jpg

"I joined the council to better involve myself with the Leeds School of Business, its leaders, and its opportunities. I wanted to surround myself with people who would encourage me to grow as a leader and actually influence the business school and its students. CU has been a home within my family for generations, and I feel passionate about being as involved as possible with my time in the Leeds School of Business and its community. Leeds Council allows for my thoughts to be heard and pursued, and I could not be more excited to continue my time on the council. My goal as a member on Leeds Council is to actively find ways to better benefit the business school and its students. As a Freshman Representative, I specifically look to find ways to get freshmen more involved and knowledgable of Leeds and its opportunities in order for them to have the best experience and achieve their full potential. I aim to do this by working tightly with my peers on the Council to organize and initiate ideas that will help gain student awareness and participation in business school opportunities."

louisa benson

Freshman   |    Open Option

"I joined the council to get more involved in the business school. I also thought it would be a great way to meet other people. My goal on the council is to make Leeds a community with lots of events that students want to go to. I will accomplish this by talking and listening to the student body, figuring out their wants and needs, and try to always put those first."

lauren davine

Freshman |    Marketing & Finance |

"I joined Leeds Council as I wanted to further my involvement within Leeds and ensure that I could voice my opinion on behalf of the freshman class. I hope to bridge the gap between faculty/staff and students, to better the culture and relationships within Leeds. My goal is to ensure that the freshman class integrates with upperclassman throughout the business school and are knowledgeable about the services/opportunities that Leeds provides."

clayton schneider

Freshman   |    Finance   |

"I joined Leeds Council to better understand the forces that improve the business school. I would like I learn enough about direction Leeds is headed that I will be prepared to take leadership roles later."

Alyssa Decolati

Freshman   |    Management   |

Aly Decolati (1) (1).jpg

"As a second generation CU Buff, I understand the benefits of finding active involvement within the CU community. Specifically, I want to contribute to a positive experience within Leeds in order to benefit my both my peers' experiences as well as Leeds as a whole. My goal is to continue enhancing the student experience by better supporting clubs and the community within Leeds through the development of additional funding."