Student Funding

The Leeds Council is allocated a certain portion of student tuition every year, directed for distribution towards student and club initiatives. Students submit a budget for their club or project, pitch their idea to the Council, and the Council votes on whether or not to fund the initiative.


Past funding requests

Alternative spring break - new orleans

"Our vision for this project is to gain insight into New Orleans community engagement efforts aimed at combatting our nation’s childhood obesity/malnutrition epidemic while considering the factors of accessibility, affordability, and awareness.

Ultimately, our group strives to visit New Orleans as ambassadors for our donors, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the Boulder community at large to genuinely listen to the needs of the New Orleans community and discover the blocks that are keeping certain individuals oppressed. We will approach this project with a sense of humility and openness, recognizing our lack of knowledge on this issue that is a consequence of our close-minded privilege. We want to bring back our findings and share them on this campus, becoming advocates and champions of diversity. We would greatly appreciate any donations that Residence Life would be willing to make to support our project.

We plan to return from our trip with a newfound understanding of diversity and an appreciation for a culture outside our own. We want to share our findings with our donors through both a report on our research findings, as well as a documentary film."

Artreach project

"This project is put on by CU Boulder business students with the aim of helping artists interested in the business of art learn more about professional communication, networking, and marketing of oneself. Our event comes in two parts: the workshop and the gallery.

The workshop will be held on April 11, 2018. It will focus on building the business skills of artists. We will have a panel of artists to help give business advice, along with a short presentation from a professional in business communications.

The gallery will be on April 17th, 2018, from 5:00-8:00 the Koelbel Atrium on CU Boulder’s main campus. The aim for this is just to have an opportunity to display the artists’ work and allow them to practice the skills they learned in the workshop a week earlier. This gallery will, of course, be open to the public."


Kids Trek

"On April 19, 2018, we are bussing 20 North High School students and teachers from Denver to Boulder so they can 'Be a Buff For a Day.' These students are all minorities, under the poverty line, and most would be first generation college students. This event will solidify Leeds School of Business and its student body's goal of increasing and supporting diversity on campus. Leeds students can demonstrate to KidsTek students that pursuing higher education is possible."

Professional Sales Club Speaker

"Scott has offered to speak to students about productivity, psychology, and persuasion in a sales career. This speaker has made a career out of public speaking, and has done this before with other schools/companies. This event would allow students to get a better idea of what a career in sales looks like, and what it takes to be successful in that career."


"The event for which we are requesting funds is the International Career Development Conference or ICDC. This event is the pinnacle of what it means to be a DECA member and helps our chapter achieve professional development and fellowship. The event provides several opportunities for our members.

We are requesting funding to cover registration costs for the International Career Development Conference in Washington D.C."

Custodial appreciation event

"Too often our hardworking custodial staff goes un-thanked for the tremendous amount of work they do every day. Through this event we are hoping to bring light to their efforts and show our appreciation. In addition, we want to create a sense of community with all members of staff and students.

We are seeking funding to put on a custodian appreciation event in which we would need catering, drinks, snacks, decorations, and supplies to asemble small gift bags for Leeds custodians."