2017-2018 Projects and Initiatives


Hi, we are Leeds Council, the elected student government for the business school here at CU Boulder. We created this blog in an effort to aid in our goal of bridging the gap between the student body, the council, and our faculty. This page is dedicated to fulfill the goal of having full transparency of all the projects and tasks Leeds Council is pursuing.

On this blog, we will keep you updated about Council decisions. As student leaders, we are granted access to resources and influence that will shape the future of Leeds. We want to keep you in the loop.

A few years ago, the council took a retreat to the Vail Leadership Institute to define our mission and core values. After two days of deliberation, we emerged with a purpose of "Students Enhancing the Student Experience" and values of Accountability, Service, Excellence and Teamwork. Since then, every decision made by the Council has embodied these beliefs. We strive to align our choices with the interests of our stakeholders. 




In order to celebrate student involvement, we are hosting a banquet in March for student organizations, faculty, staff, and Leeds board members. The night will be full of networking, awards, food, and drinks. The banquet will hopefully strengthen our relationship with club members and help get others involved within Leeds.


We are hosting biweekly office hours in the atrium for students to see and meet their student representatives and to voice their concerns.


This fall we participated in many community service projects and partnered with the There With Care and Imagine! nonprofit organizations. We hosted a drive throughout the business school for students to donate money and products to give in care packages for families in medical need. We took the goods donated and spent an afternoon making packages and blankets for the families of There With Care. We also spent a weekend with Imagine! organizing gift donations.




Since the council is mainly focusing on launching our new program, we utilize a task force structure to effectively accomplish short-term imperatives, and stay on track with the start of this complex project. This structure enables representatives to work on a wide variety of projects during their service, and ensures projects are completed in a timely manner. 


The Council strives to provide opportunities for undergraduates to cultivate professional development. We plan workshops for students to learn and prepare for the professional world, above and beyond those already offered. Working closely with Career Development, we will hold the following event this semester:

  • Professional Negotiation Workshop (Tuesday, March 29, 2016)


As one of our four core values, Service is integral to Council initiatives. Here are a few examples of ways we give back to the community, planning approximately two service projects per semester. 

·      In collaboration with Workforce Boulder County, a local non-profit organization committed to career connection and development in the area, Leeds Council volunteered at a local youth/teen job and career fair. Alongside adult volunteers, the Council helped to check in attendees, direct traffic throughout the venue, offer advice to job seekers and promote a passport program which encouraged attendees to approach many different employers during the event. 

·      A group of representatives volunteered their time to CU stadium cleanup after a football game. 


This semester we are completely redesigning the Leeds Council brand. Some changes we are making include, but are not limited to:

  • New website design/layout
  • All new branding (including logos, color scheme, etc.)
  • Streamlining all various social media accounts to look similar with our new branding materials

upcoming initiatives

focus on student clubs & organizations


Foster inter-club relationships

project management support

funding support

career development